Personal Accounts Of Miracles, Signs, Wonders, Angels and Deliverances

Dr. Fred and Monica Childs take you on a journey into the Gift of Faith as you have never read before.  Every story is an account of a miracle, sign, healing, or supernatural wonder personally experienced or witnessed by the authors.  

34 real life stories of healing from leprosy, cancer, Alzheimer;s, AIDS, blindness, brain and body restoration, restored withered limbs, angelic assistance, spontaneous miracles, new vital organs, signs in the heavens, demoniac deliverances, financial miracles, and so much more await you within these pages.  Get ready to take a quantum leap of faith!  200 Pages

Is there anything beyond God's Ability?

Who should read Beyond Imagination?

  Fred's book is perfect for anyone who's facing a spiritual low in life. Someone who's facing trials or struggles right now who could desperately use a heartwarming uplifting message of hope. Child's stories are a comfort to those who are suffering and a flashlight in dark places.



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Grab the paperback today, write your notes, highlight, underline, and circle the most provoking and challenging thoughts. Take this book with you everywhere, it will be impossible to put down.

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