Where Your Treasure Is Teaching Set eDownload w/CD

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Where Your Treasure Is Teaching Set eDownload w/CD

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This book and it's additional resources are designed to help pastors and church members unwrap some of the most amazing gifts given to us by our heavenly father. 

Millions of Christians depend on their humanistic thinking, personal philosophies, or common sense to interpret the Bible and what it says about God's financial plan for the New Testament Church.  But the Lord desires for us to seek His Holy Spirit to guide us through the Word of God.

Help you church lay aside any prior misconceptions or preconceived ideas they have entertained about the subject of tithing or giving to His work.  Keep an open, prayerful mind, as we explore what is one of the most overlooked keys to revival in our day.

Perfect for the Church Setting.

  • All 8 lessons taught in Audio Format
  • Complete set of teaching notes for all 8 lessons
  • Student Handouts for all 8 lessons
  • BONUS:  Where Your Treasures Is eBook
  • PLUS: Complete POWER POINTS for all 8 lessons
  • PLUS: CD w all materials mailed to you