• It can build up your pay check, even in a recession.
  • It can strengthen your relationship with your spouse.
  • It can increase your faith in God himself.

  • It builds up the church.



Hello, and Praise the Lord!

Let me give a testimony to tithing that could easily surprise you…

One Sunday night, our pastor preached a message entitled “Give God a raise.” The message struck a chord with me because I had gone about three years without a raise.

I decided to give God a raise. Although I paid my tithes and offerings all of my life, I never thought twice about giving more.

At the end of the week, the contractor who supplied most of my work came by the work site and before he left he gave me a raise that amounted to about fifteen percent of my gross income!

What I’m about to share with you can be fun to share and discuss with other people. It’s a chance as a small group leader to discuss a topic that many people have wrong.

  • A chance to build up the church.
  • A chance to boost people’s wallets
  • A chance to strengthen relationships.

This topic is sure to bring up some much needed discussion! Should you tithe? Is that still necessary? Why? Does anything good come from tithing? Why does God call us to do this?

So many really good questions that people SHOULD ask are being kept unanswered! The answers may even surprise you.

Questions like…

Q: Does it matter if I give the full 10% or just a nice helping toward the church?

Q: Does God want my money for the church? Or other reasons?

Q: Was tithing abolished with the old law?

Q: Was the recession caused by not tithing?

Q: Does God mind when I don’t tithe?

I could go on forever, but these topics are being discussed behind closed doors and without input from the best source of all.. The bible!

David Church has put together a set of resources titled “Where Your Treasure Is…” that touches on some of the most rewarding conversations you can have in a small group setting.

People aren’t talking about tithing. It’s as if Christians have become afraid to discuss money, and yet it takes money to run ministry and households.

But, what if God isn’t really after our money?
What if his desire wasn’t that it just support the church?

Tithing Provides:

- Relationship with God
– Teachings of commitment
– Teachings of faith
– Financial blessings
– Blessing on farmer’s crops
– Blessings on your talents
– Creating a giving spirit
– Revival in ones heart…

Blessings From Above…
Are you teaching tithing in your church is  your message strong

You’re not alone, it’s happening all across America. Churches in the United States received $4 Billion dollars in donations in 1964. A survey showed there were 112 million Americans who claimed religious affiliations. If they had tithed their 10%, it would reach an estimated $25 Billion dollars.

Can you imagine what that number would be today with over 175 million people claiming religious affiliations and personal incomes many times that of people in 1964?

I bet it would make the government stimulus packages look like social assistance checks!

What about the healing process?

In my book, I describe how a pastor once challenged me to give God a raise and tithe MORE than my 10%. Would you believe, God more than matched the money back?

What about the faith it would build?

If everyone contributed, it would put that statement on our money “In God we trust” to the ultimate test, and I have a feeling we all know what that could do to our nation.

What about the commitment to the church?

When you’re a strong integral part of a ministry, you’re there for every step of the building process, the volunteering and yes, the financial aspects as well. When someone can’t support God and their church with their time, their tithe can keep them involved and contributing to the mission.

The Book… “Where Your Treasure Is…” Written by David Church
A Comprehensive Guide To EVERYTHING you need to know about tithing…

Chapter 1 – The Biblical History of Tithing
Chapter 2 – If Everyone Tithed
Chapter 3 – What Happens When You Don’t Tithe
Chapter 4 – Storehouse Tithing
Chapter 5 – First Fruits Tithing
Chapter 6 – The Impact Of Tithing on Revival
Chapter 7 – New Testament Tithing
Chapter 8 – Sacrificial Giving

This Book and its additional resources are designed to help pastors and church members unwrap some of the most amazing gifts given to us by our heavenly father that come straight from the heart of God.

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8 MP3s covering each chapter in detail.

As busy pastors, we often don’t have time to sit and read a book. These Mp3’s save precious time and explain each lesson so you’re well versed in the study and ready for Sunday morning!

These are up to 35 minutes long. Stick them in your car while driving somewhere and you’re ready to go.

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Microsoft Word Files
8 Handouts For Each Chapter

These handouts are designed to have sections filled out as the congregation works through them.

They’re also great for small group participation and ensure the important points are remembered.

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Microsoft Word Files
8 Teacher’s Notes By Chapter

These are the condensed essential points necessary for getting the message across in clear concise format. Excellent for quick review.

Useful for following along in a small group too.

A resource sure to provide endless conversation and blessings to those who attend your group.

Considering the amount of hours that went into compiling this amazing resource, we honestly believed it would be worth offering to other ministries for $97. Knowing however that the economic situation is affecting many churches around the globe we decided we had to do better than that.

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Rev. David Church