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A Comprehensive Guide To EVERYTHING you need to know about tithing. Pastors/Teachers Package. Immediate e-Download + CD

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Discover How God Views Money,
Tithing, And Financial Blessings


  • Is Tithing a New or Old Testament Thing?

  • Is Tithing Out Dated?

  • Are There Any Benefits to Tithing?

  • How Do You Increase Giving In The Church?



Let me give a testimony to tithing that could easily surprise you…
One Sunday night, our pastor preached a message entitled “Give God a raise.” The heart of the message centered on sacrificial giving…give until it becomes a sacrifice, doing more than what is required. Give God a raise and see what He will do in your life.

The message struck a chord with me because I had gone about three years without a raise and things were beginning to tighten financially. My wife was a stay-at-home mom with our two-year-old child and another one on the way. We had a mortgage, two cars, and a lot of company expenses. Sound familiar?

But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.--- 1Corinthians 2:14

Even though I was self-employed, I couldn’t raise my prices without my contractors’ approval so….I decided to give God a raise. Although I paid my tithes and offerings all of my life, I never thought twice about giving more. For me, sacrifice meant going beyond the twelve percent number. I immediately boosted my offering a few percentages. At that point, our family also needed more money so I was truly sacrificing. The following Sunday, I dropped God’s “raise” in the offering plate and didn’t think much about it.

15% Increase In Gross Income?!

At the end of the week, the contractor who supplied most of my work came by the work site and asked how I was doing. We talked for awhile as we always did. Then, before he left he gave me a raise that amounted to about fifteen percent of my gross income! That got my attention in a hurry. The words of my pastor echoed through my mind…”

What I’m about to share with you can enrich your life, whether you’ve been a pastor/minister for many years, a well studied biblical scholar or just getting started on your journey with Christ.

Why? Because, God’s ways have always boggled the minds of mankind. We depend on our human ways of thinking, but the Lord asks us to seek the Holy Spirit to guide us thru the Word of God.

Human Reasoning Is Flawed

How many times have you heard people say “If my heart is in it, then everything else will fall into place…” Yet this can often lead to dangerous places. So, if the messages on this page seem out of your normal way of thinking, it’s ok.

Let me start by telling you some controversial ideas about tithing…

  • #1. God blessed me because of a tithe.
  • $25 billion is missing from the pockets of God (and it’s in your hands…)
  • Your money leads your heart
  • The economic drought answer is in tithing
  • God is not after our money
  • Not tithing is robbing God & Church
  • Tithing was not abolished with the law.

What percentage of your church tithes?
What if that increased by even 20%?

I could go on forever, but these topics are being discussed behind closed doors and I’ve decided to explain all this in a new book, called “Where your treasure is…”

Of the Pastors and Churches who have taught these lessons to their congregation, a recent poll showed that 85% reported a substantial increase in their offering and tithes.

In this tough economic condition that has gripped us all, I strongly believe that it’s more important now, than ever to tithe and teach the laws of tithing. The gifts that come from tithing are more than a sustainable church, and spiritual blessings.

Yes, those too are good things, but this is the tip of the iceberg of God’s blessings and Favor in your life.

Churches aren’t teaching tithing. It’s as if pastors have become afraid to ask for money, and yet it takes money to run the ministry.

But, what if God isn’t really after our money? What if his desire wasn’t that it just support the church?

Tithing Provides:

  • Relationship with God
  • Teachings of commitment
  • Teachings of faith
  • Financial blessings
  • Blessing on farmer’s crops
  • Blessings on your talents
  • Creating a giving spirit
  • Revival in ones heart….

Iwouldn’t call anyone out on their weaknesses, but I’m asking you to examine your church, your needs and the needs of the ministry. Could you use some extra support in this department? Has the economy shifted the amount of giving in your church?

You’re not alone, it’s happening all across America. Churches in the United States received $4 Billion dollars in donations in 1964. A survey showed there were 112 million Americans who claimed religious affiliations. If they had tithed their 10%, it would reach an estimated $25 Billion dollars. Can you imagine what that number would be today with over 175 million people claiming religious affiliations and personal incomes many times that of people in 1964?

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What about the healing process?

In my book, I describe how a pastor once challenged me to give God a raise and tithe MORE than my 10%. Would you believe, God more than matched the money back?

What about the faith it would build?

What about the commitment to the church?

When you’re a strong integral part of a ministry, you’re there for every step of the building process, the volunteering and yes, the financial aspects as well. When someone can’t support God and their church with their time, their tithe can keep them involved and contributing to the mission.

The Book… “Where your treasure is…Written by David Church

A Comprehensive Guide To EVERYTHING
you need to know about tithing…

  • Chapter 1 – The Biblical History of Tithing
  • Chapter 2 – If Everyone Tithed
  • Chapter 3 – What Happens When You Don’t Tithe
  • Chapter 4 – Storehouse Tithing
  • Chapter 5 – First Fruits Tithing
  • Chapter 6 – The Impact Of Tithing on Revival
  • Chapter 7 – New Testament Tithing
  • Chapter 8 – Sacrificial Giving

This Book and its additional resources are designed to help pastors and church members unwrap some of the most amazing gifts given to us that come straight from the heart of God.

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8 MP3s covering each chapter in detail.

As busy pastors, we often don’t have time to sit and read a book. These Mp3’s save precious time and explain each lesson so you’re well versed in the study and ready for Sunday morning! These are up to 35 minutes long. Stick them in your car while driving somewhere and you’re ready to go.


8 Handouts For Each Chapter - MS Word Format

These handouts are designed to have sections filled out as the congregation works through them. They’re also great for small group participation and ensure the important points are remembered.


8 Teacher’s Notes By Chapter - MS Word Format

These are the condensed essential points necessary for getting the message across in clear concise format. Excellent for quick review. Useful for following along in a small group too.


24 Slides – 8 Power points By Chapter

Ready for Sunday morning, or your evening small group these specially designed Power point files are shown below. They’re ready for instant use, although you can modify them to support your message as you wish!

BONUS: We’re also including an article titled
“Momentum When Taking Up The Offering”

11 solid tips on how a church should receive the offering, which might you be missing?

The article covers HOW to take up the offering in your church. Quote: “Teach your people to give financially to the church. You are robbing them of a tremendous blessing if you are not teaching them to give tithes and offerings. ”

If the principles of this free bonus article are followed, the cost of this e-Book will easily be given back to your church many times over, through your congregations giving. Probably in the first offering.

Did you know there is a right way and a wrong way to take up an offering in the church? Sadly, many churches do it the wrong way and as a result, the giving of the church suffers. Hindering growth and revival in the church. All because a few simple principles are ignored.

These necessary principles are exposed in this free added bonus!

A resource sure to provide endless blessings to your church, ministry and to those who attend the message.

Considering the amount of hours that went into compiling this amazing church resource, we Honestly believed it would be worth offering to other ministries for $147. Knowing however that the economic situation is affecting many churches around the globe we decided we had to do better than that.


100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t find this resources to be a blessing, e-mail us and let us know. This resource is covered by a 30 day "no questions asked" satisfaction guarantee.

Just think… Download it tonight, then put it to work in your ministry as soon as tomorrow morning!


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Sincerely, Rev. David Church

P. S. Remember, there’s no surprises, if you don’t like what you get in the package, simply email us and we’ll make it right.

P.P.S. This comprehensive look at tithing and the information within could easily pay itself back within a few weeks of downloading.